21st September 2017    




Park PM are as dismayed as the general public that it has been reported that Glasgow City Council Planning Department disclosed information that 57 High Rise buildings in private ownership in Glasgow have similar cladding to that present at Grenfell Tower. We are unsure of the accuracy of this information or what buildings have been identified. 


“There is no suggestion that these buildings are a particular fire risk.”  

“It is important that people have all the information they need but it is also important that people do not panic.” 

Park PM instructed a program of sample testing several weeks ago, due to the demand currently in Glasgow to have this work completed it has taken a few weeks to be scheduled. Most of the samples are being taken this week with some harder to access areas scheduled for next week. These samples will be tested as a matter of urgency and we will inform our clients first of any issues that we discover.  I hope that this clarifies your situation and removes the doubt introduced yesterday. This subject is very emotive and Park PM would ask that all our clients exercise calm when considering the information printed in tabloid newspapers.  Park PM have and always will act in the best interests of our clients and will always provide information to our clients in advance of external organisations. The council and the newspapers will not receive factual results before you our clients do. 




21st September 2017  


Park PM are concerned and dismayed by the fire at the Grenfell Tower in London and after consultation within our management team, we felt it important to issue an interim statement.


Firstly, we would like to offer our condolences to anybody affected by this tragedy which has shocked the country. There has been a lot of speculation in the press regarding the cause and it is looking likely that the building cladding had a major influence on the outcome of the fire although not yet conclusive. Owners have contacted us requesting information on their buildings and confirmation of what actions, if any, they require taking. 

The Scottish Government are currently considering all high-rise properties in Scotland. They have reviewed the publicly owned stock and are now looking at investigating the privately-owned stock. With this in mind, Park PM will currently act as follows:

1. We will contact each local authority, where a high-rise property is factored by us, and enquire what action they are taking and what the Scottish Government announcement of an investigation means to owners and factors o high rise property.

2. We will contact Fire Officers in the areas where a high-rise property is factored by us, and enquire what action they are taking in relation to high rise blocks. Visits have already taken place at properties factored by us.

3. We will contact housebuilders where possible of high rise blocks factored by us and ask what action if any they are taking. Some builders have already been in contact with us.

4. Once we have carried out these actions, we will contact homeowners with an update as to what actions we recommend. It is likely that surveys of all our high-rise properties will be required soon and we are currently considering the budgets to ensure funds are in place to pay for these works.


We do not wish to prejudge any inquiries, nor do we wish to spend our clients funds unwisely, but the safety of all our clients is paramount and whatever action is required, will be carried out as soon as identified.