This is a question that we're regularly asked and it's a task that we are very experienced at carrying out. We break the process into the following simple steps, we can arrange everything for you. It can take a little time to complete if you are currently unhappy with the performance of your current factor it will defintely be worth it.


Step 1

Fill in the contact form and click send. We will contact you to discuss your situation.


Step 2

We will research your property and deed of conditions. We will then contact your co-owners to arrange a vote.


Step 3

Wait for our info pack to arrive then fill in the voting form and return to us.


Step 4

Sleep well knowing that the future of your property is in safe and reliable hands.



Park Property Management would arrange a meeting with your existing factors within two weeks of being appointed successors and would propose a four week handover period from your existing factors as a long stop date. It would be our intention to retender all contracts within the building over the coming months, but would retain most contractors at least until the end of the current service charge year to ensure a smooth transition.

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