About Us


Park property management was founded in 2007 initially to manage multiple occupancy properties owned by the director. These properties were being poorly managed by outside agencies and were also subject to over inflated service charges.


In the subsequent years through various referrals, the company has come to manage multiple properties in both the commercial and residential sector of property.


Our aim is to supply better and more efficient management of properties whilst also reducing the cost to property occupiers.

Great Property Management Experience

To our friendly team, you are each an individual, who we know well, not just a number or an address.



Great property experience

Twenty five years in property development has given us great experience with contractors and property repairs. We constantly review our contractors through price checking and quality control.


Our team are always available to our customers  whether it be for an informal chat or a formal, meeting.




Having managed many of our own properties we appreciate the issues and desires of our clients.


It is not just about signing up contractors to maintain plant and machinery or test water systems. Our clients want to see their properties managed correctly, but they also want their building managers to have the same pride and attention to detail that they have.


Your communal area is the entrance hallway to your home/business and should be warm and welcoming. We treat our client’s properties as if they were our own and this separates us from the crowd. Although fire extinguishers need to be inspected annually the decor and general appearance of the communal areas need to be clean, well decorated, warm and welcoming; it is after all your front hallway/reception.



Regular Property Inspections

Personal visits to all our adopted properties happen on a regular basis. Our target of visiting each property at least four times per year is always comfortably surpassed, and this enables us to effectively monitor each property and to be proactive rather than reactive to property issues. We also have close personal relationships with our suppliers who regularly update us with any issues within a property.


All our staff know each and every property personally allowing them to engage with all enquiries supported by this intimate knowledge.

We regularly announce building inspections in advance and invite residents to attend to discuss issues.



Cost effective, VFM our Priority

A value for money philosophy which is based upon achieving the best long term value for our clients.


In each and every property we have adopted, we have significantly reduced the costs of supplying the management services.


Areas where we have been particularly successful in reducing costs include insurance, electricity charges, lift maintenance and general repair contracts. Reductions of between 10% and 25% are the norm over a couple of years.

Park PM carry out a review of all new properties and generally have several ideas on how to reduce costs and improve facilities. We regularly install new low energy lighting systems with movement sensors in communal areas which result in up to 75% reduction in electricity charges. Costs of installation vary but the payback is normally between two and five years.


Many existing suppliers are retained, but we price check every contract before the start of the new service charge year. We often change non competitive contractors whilst maintaining a similar or improved service.

Park PM have reduced costs in all areas of the service charge budget of all the properties they have adopted through competitive pricing.




Park PM charge a fair fee for a fair job. Our charges are completely transparent and accountable. Annual reconciliations are audited for accuracy and reports are detailed.


Our Promise

We strive to provide the best value contractors in all areas of the contract.

We do not always use the cheapest, but we always ensure BEST VALUE across all contracts.


Often it pays to seek quality over price with long term financial gains outweighing short term savings.


We always consult with residents over the benefits of capital investment.